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Roxy + Jeff

M A R R I E D 2007

"Beauty begins the moment you


decide to be yourself"


- Coco Chanel

Our story began when I was a child, both my parents were small business owners. and that meant spending a lot of time with them and learning a lot about running a business. I remember always observing them and watching them work hard, it was fascinating learning and seeing first hand how to run a small business. 


     When I was in grade school, all my teachers were always impressed by how creative I was. I used to use crayon shavings and Elmer’s glue to make masterful little pieces of art, that later I would sell for twenty-five cents! Ha-ha, that’s crazy to me now, but I guess I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart!


     The very first time I realized I loved flowers was very young, maybe 8 years old. During recess time, one day I found a large patch of tiny little white flowers that always grew in our playground area.  I clearly remember thinking to myself, "ooh flowers, surely I can braid them (not your average kid, haha)!".  If you're guessing a flower crown came next, you're absolutely right! It was in 4th grade that I made my very first flower crown.  I started wearing my floral crowns and before I knew it, I was surrounded by other school girls wanting to learn how to make them too! Fourth grade became quite lucrative, haha!


     I also remember I loved to pick flowers on my way home from school.  I'd then make a tiny hand bouquet for my mother...  I loved going home and seeing her face as I handed them to her, I always felt excited about that.  Today, I am still able to experience that feeling.  Often times, when I hand my floral bouquets to brides to be, it's still my most favorite moment!


    Being a creative has taken me in many creative paths, I've helped brides get ready with their makeup, can you believe I once use to be a makeup artist? I also learned a lot about style, depth, movement and color while studying fashion design and visual merchandising in college.  I have to say, it's been a fun journey! And although the process of becoming a florist wasn't always clear, something else was.  Love, love met me in 2005 when I met Jeff, my husband.  We got married and decided to DIY our own wedding, and that's when I fell in love with cakes! Yes, another amazing adventure that I may share with you if we get together for flowers and coffee!

     Fast forward, in 2015 my cake business blossomed, like majorly! And with that I decided to expand our design services and officially introduced florals in 2016 services (the aha moment!) and we've been doing them since! Today, Sweet and Lovely Co. is mainly known for our romantic, soft and lush style florals.  We still make exclusive wedding cakes and dessert tables and most recently event design services, which who doesn't love, we're literally a "one stop shop"!? We've been published in several wedding blogs such as; June Bug Weddings, French Style Weddings, The Bridal Hot List, Bridal Guide and a few other well known wedding blogs. We've also had the opportunity to work with some of the best photographers, makeup artists, hair stylist, venues, and other amazing vendors and we've been so fortunate to make some of our closest friends too!


     Sweet & Lovely Co. has evolved over the years (formerly Something Sweet & Lovely), but our approach and values remain the same.  We love people and what we do, and we believe that our knowledge & experience allows us to provide a very unique, well rounded and memorable experience! We hope that you've enjoyed our creative journey & we also hope to meet you and celebrate your own uniqueness! We are creativity and experience at it's finest and hope you can be a part of it too!

With our most sincere love for people & beauty,

Roxy Davis

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